The TW16 is a bespoke plycycle for Tony Wheeler. It is almost entirely hollow, with a wall thickness of 8mm; the frame, forks, bars, seat post and seat clamp weigh in at a combined 4.65 kgs. There are layers of flax in the outer laminations that work in conjunction with the timber to increase the stiffness of the frame, whilst only adding a few grams to the weight. Organic composites at their best.

This frame was recently put through the relevant Australian standards tests and passed with flying colours. 220 kg of force was put on the frame from front axle to rear axle, deflecting it 21 mm before it sprung back into shape undamaged. This translates to the frame doing 45.3 Joules of work. (The standard requires a frame to do 40 Joules of work without damage). Similar tests were done on the forks and handle bars with equally good results.