Damu Plycycles are emblematic of how we need to change our attitudes towards manufacturing materials, consumer goods and our relationship to the natural world. They are beautiful to behold, lovely to touch, fantastic to ride, long lasting and made to measure in any size, geometry or style. 

Timber grows on trees, it's carbon negative, and can absorb more vibrations without fatigue than any other material. A key objective of Damu Plycycles is to show that timber, combined with other natural fibres, can produce high performance bicycles that compete on weight, stiffness and durability with other modern bicycles. 

As humanity progressively discovered materials such as steel, aluminium, titanium and carbon fibre, wood became something we burnt rather than engineered with. But in the near future we are going to have to radically rethink our approach to the materials that we design and manufacture with. Damu Plycycles is all about addressing these issues and showing what timber is capable of, as well as making some of the most beautiful bikes on the planet - riding art made from the original carbon fibre.



TW16 - total weight of frame, forks, bars, seat post, seat clamp and head set is 4.65 kgs