The Sprint 8.5 was the last of 10 prototypes that were made over 4 years. Once it was thoroughly tested and the design refined, Damu Plycycles was ready for it's first commission. The total weight of the timber components is 4.55 kgs. It is very resilient, fast and an extremely comfortable ride. The handlebars are our solution to having comparable riding positions to drop bars, but in a shape more suited to being made from timber. The finish is 3 coats of epoxy with a further 2 coats of two pack polyurethane over the top - the hardest and most UV stable clear coat on the market. As long as it's looked after and not left out in the rain and sun, it will definately outlive the owner.


Sprint 8.5 - 2014 - Frame, forks, bars, head set, seat post and seat clamp - 4.55 kgs